January Activities.

Through January we have alot of new things going on through the home. As its the New Year we have brought to the home a ‘fitness’ class. We will be encouraging residents to take part to their individual abilities, anything from finger movements to arm & leg stretches. Residents really enjoyed the first session, & every person at the class took part. We have also started a new project, with our large wooden dolls houses. Residents have designed how they’d like to paint the houses & have now made a start on them. We have also welcomed Rhys from G Fitness who came & gave our residents a demonstration & some back massages & we will be welcoming singers Julian, Jason & Jo later in the month. We have also enjoyed having St Mellons Hub here to read a short story for us. The residents enjoyed listening to the story, taking it in turns to read the story out loud to the rest of the group & then discussing the story afterwards.


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