Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose


The Statement of Purpose, which is a legal document required by the Care Standards Act 2000 and the Care Homes (Wales) Regulations 2002, sets out the terms and conditions by which the Home operates. A copy has to be retained in reception.

It is intended that the statement will be reviewed annually unless circumstances dictate that it should be reviewed earlier.

You can download a copy of our Statement of Purpose by clicking here.


Willowbrook House which has landscaped gardens to the rear of the Home is a three storey building, with two lifts available for those unable to use the stairs to access the first and second floors. It is within easy access to Newport and Cardiff. Car parking is available at the front of the building with designated disabled spaces.

Local amenities include library, optician; chemist and large supermarket with a petrol station which are all within a five minute walk of the Home.


WHse_042Willowbrook House was registered by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW) on 16th June 2008. The Home is regularly inspected by CSSIW, a copy of the latest inspection report can be found at the end of this document and can be downloaded from

The Home which has 108 beds is registered to provide nursing care for both ladies and gentlemen, with general healthcare needs who may have physical problems as a result of chronic health diseases such as a stroke, heart or lung problems. Willowbrook House is also registered to care for people with mental health problems including all types of dementia, i.e Alzheimers, short-term and long-term memory loss, and confusion.

The Home has registered nurses on duty at all times who are suitably qualified to meet the health and care needs of our residents.

WHse_012Our main aim is to fulfil our philosophy of care as closely as possible; to continually seek ways to improve the care we give on a personal basis and the environment within which our residents live.

The most important tool we have is the person centred care plan, which is commenced on admission according to the residents’ perceived physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs. The resident and their families are encouraged to take part in the care planning at every stage so that they truly are personalised to each resident’s needs and wishes. All Care Plans are formally reviewed on a monthly basis, or sooner if circumstances require it so that any changes in their needs or choices are constantly recorded.

To assist us in getting know the resident we ask families and friends to assist in completing a ‘life history’ which is a recollection of their life, it may need to be built up over a period of time. It helps the care staff have an understanding of the resident as an individual and not as someone with an illness.

Prior to admission an initial baseline assessment will be carried out on the prospective resident. Following the assessment the outcome would be discussed with, where feasible with the applicant and their relatives and or representatives. Further to this it will be confirmed in writing to the applicant that having regard for the assessment the Care Home is suitable for the purpose of meeting the applicants’ needs.

Prospective residents are invited to visit the Home with relatives or friends, and once the financial arrangements are completed, a contract is signed and the resident is then admitted to the Home. Emergency admissions are dealt with on an individual basis according to availability and circumstances.

Each resident will be provided with a Service User Guide prior or on admission to the Home.

At Willowbrook House we provide nursing care for residents who have a formal diagnosis of dementia. Dementia is an umbrella word for many different types of short or long term memory loss. Residents who suffer from dementia may experience extreme anxiety surrounding their dementia journey. This can manifest itself as intense periods of behavioural challenges. We have experienced staff who will make every effort to dedicate themselves to understanding the individual’s anxieties while promoting a positive outcome.

All of our lounge and dining room areas are well lit and decorated in a very homely fashion with fireplaces and comfortable chairs. We want to allow our residents to feel that ‘at home’ feeling. We also have a kitchen area within the dining rooms to allow residents families to make tea, coffee or even a snack for themselves and their relative as if they were visiting in their own home.

WHse_029We encourage our residents to engage in social and leisure activities. There have been several initiatives which have been introduced. Residents thoroughly enjoy the Christmas Carol concerts performed at Willowbrook from local participating Primary Schools. We have cultivated intergenerational links with some of the local schools and their pupils. The local library provides a great source of activity in the form of storytelling and computer lessons.

Other organised trips include the New theatre, Civic Tea at the Mansion House to meet the Lord Mayor, Cardiff Eisteddfod. Specialised entertainment groups have also visited the home such as Olive Tree and Lost Chord..

Many of our clients enjoy having their done on a regular basis. Our local hairdressers provide an in house service for our clients .They can enjoy this service in the privacy of their own room or in the salon at Willowbrook.

We encourage all residents and relatives to take part in our ‘Residents’ Meetings. This provides the opportunity for residents to contribute to how the home is run, make decisions regarding the on-going activities programme and what social events to be organised.

Family and friends may visit at any time between 9am and 7pm. For security and safety reason, visitors must sign the visitor’s book kept in reception on each occasion they enter and leave the Home.

However, we do ask that they be considerate of other residents when bringing children into the Home or visiting in large groups. Residents may if they wish to do so, meet with their visitors in the privacy of their own room. If residents do not wish to see visitors, they must inform the Team Leader, who will inform the visitors of their wishes.

Due to the risk of infection, visitors are asked to clean their hands when entering and leaving the Home, using the Antibacterial handrub located at the entrance to the main lounge.

Whilst we acknowledge that many people have pets for company during their lifetime and that they may have missed them while they have been in hospital.

The management has the responsibility for the health and safety of all their residents and staff. Therefore as a general rule we do not allow pets however each case will be considered independently.

If a resident has a pet which they wish to visit while in Willowbrook, they must discuss with the Manager, before making any arrangements.

The home is insured by Ecclesiastical Insurance with personal property being insured up to £50 subject to the terms of the policy.

If residents have any personal property that is not covered by the homes policy it will require separate cover. Residents must inform the Manager of any valuable assets when they first arrive at the Home, safekeeping can be arranged at Willowbrook House.

Residents are free to journey out alone, we do ask that they inform the Team Leader of their plans on the previous day including contact details in the event the Home of an emergency.

Willowbrook House cannot accept responsibility for residents’ safety away from the home unless the journey and any necessary supervision was arranged by the Home.


WHse_006Willowbrook House has 108 single bedrooms each with its own ensuite bathroom. Contained within each unit are a selection of lounges, dining rooms and quiet areas in addition to the en-suite facilities there are a number of assisted bathrooms and separate toilets within each unit. Units are distinct for each care provision:

General Nursing Care Dementia Care Nursing
Willow 1 (Ground Floor)

Willow 2 (First Floor)

Birch (First floor)

Oak and Ash (Ground floor)

Maple (first floor)

Willow 3 (second floor)

WHse_018Mealtimes are often the highlight in a resident’s day, and therefore we are keen to prepare food of a high nutritional standard, virtually all-homemade with fresh vegetables and good quality ingredients. Individual preferences are catered for, as well as specialised diets (e.g. diabetes). Our residents’ questionnaire includes questions regarding the quality of food.

We encourage residents to eat in the dining room but they may choose to eat in their own room. Tea, coffee and other hot or cold drinks are served and available 24 hours a day.

  • Breakfast is served from 7.30 a.m. to 10.00am
  • Lunch is served at 12.30pm
  • Tea is served from 5.00pm to 6.00pm
  • Supper is served between 8.30pm and 10.00pm

We encourage residents to bring personal items with them to Willowbrook House. However, items of significant value should not be brought into the home as the Directors can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal items.

An inventory is made of all personal items when residents first arrive at Willowbrook House. If anything that has been recorded is removed from the Home, the Team Leader must be notified so that the inventory can be updated.

In consultation with the Manager residents may bring items of furniture in order to personalise their rooms however they must comply with fire resistance requirements as laid down by the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988.

All electrical appliances are subject to testing to ensure safety and the Home will not allow unsafe appliances to be used in the home.


All linen and towels are provided by the home, additional pillows and blankets are available on request. If residents wish to provide their own linen they must ensure that they are suitably marked.

All personal laundry must be appropriately labelled before admission. Willowbrook House cannot be held responsible for missing items should they not be marked properly. The laundry will be collected on a daily basis and returned the following day.

The Home which has a modern fire alarm system displays ‘Fire Exit’ Notices and fire Emergency Instruction Notices are displayed throughout the Home. Residents will be advised of the Fire Emergency Procedure when they first arrive at the Home. A fire alarm test will be carried out every Monday morning.

Visitors must familiarise themselves with the fire exits and drills. Lifts must not be used in the event of a fire or emergency.

The Home has a strict No Smoking policy, which covers both the internal and the immediate vicinity surrounding the Home.

Organisational Structure & Key Staff

Lindisfarne Healthcare Ltd is the company which owns and Operates the Home, the registered address for the company is Willowbrook House, St Arvans Crescent, St. Mellons, Cardiff.

The Director, Mrs Angela Kelly who works full time at Willowbrook House has had more than thirty years’ experience in the care of the elderly she takes a very active role in ensuring and maintaining the high level of care provided at the Home.

WHse_049Alex is an experienced manager with more than 15 years’ experience in caring for the elderly. After training as a nurse at the University Hospital of Wales she went to work at Lindisfarne Care Home.

After having her children she returned to Lindisfarne as Manager until moving to Willowbrook House in December 2009. She has completed the Dementia Care Mapping course at Bradford University and in 2010 qualified as a Dementia Care Facilitator Trainer at Stirling University. Alex is registered with Care council for Wales.

Senior Nurse

Working alongside Alex is Anna Dowers who was appointed as senior nurse in
May 2014.Anna has been working at Willowbrook House since 2010. Anna has a Nursing degree and whilst working at Willowbrook has also completed QCF level 5 in Leadership for health and social care services. She is currently studying for a diploma in Palliative care.

Anna is responsible for the qualified nurses and carers ensuring that they are well supported in their role and are able to meet the needs of their clients. This will include supervision and identifying and arranging any training needs they may have.

Responsible for managing our financial activities including residents’ contracts and invoices is Victoria Keenan.





Nigel Evans, our Operations Manager, has over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry and has been part of the team at Willowbrook since 2009.

Nigel is responsible for all aspects of HR and health and safety. Nigel holds the NEBOSH certificate and QCF 5 in leadership for Health and Social Care services.

At Willowbrook house we have a team of registered nurses who are responsible for the day-to-day management of the clinical care for our residents.

WHse_041We are part of the multidisciplinary team and work closely with our GP’S, speech and language therapists, dietician, tissue viability nurse, optician, dentist, podiatrist and chiropodist in order to provide the best care possible for our residents.

Our Nurses who wear royal blue tunics are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council are on duty throughout the 24 hours.

They have a range of qualifications and expertise which enables them to meet the needs of our residents including those with a diagnosis of dementia or any dementia related illness.

All of our nurses are keen to attend regular training sessions to update their nursing skills and knowledge. This enables them to provide a high standard of nursing care and to ensure that all the residents’ needs are met.

At Willowbrook House we provide both General nursing care and Dementia nursing care.

Residents who require general nursing care may have complex care needs for example, PEG feeding or palliative care needs or end of life care, general frailty and immobility.

Residents who need dementia nursing care may be experiencing challenging behaviours be at high risk of falls and need closer supervision.

These are just a few examples of the type of care we provide. All of our residents are individual and are assessed regularly to ensure that are receiving the highest level of person centred care.

WHse_043The Home is conducted with regard to the gender, sexual Orientation, religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural background and any disability of residents, all of which are respected. Residents may choose the gender of those who provide personal care.

Care is delivered by our experienced carers who receive annual mandatory training including First Aid, Basic Life Support, Manual Handling, and Fire Safety. In addition, other specialist training has been undertaken including the Dementia Care Course with Stirling University. Many of our care staff have also completed or are in the process of completing QCF 2 and 3 training.

Each Unit has at least one designated Senior Care Assistant who has demonstrated the ability to lead other less experienced staff in delivering personal care.

We intend to as a minimum ensure staff are available as follows:

Management Team
9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday) – Manager
9am to 5pm (Four days) – Clinical/Deputy Manager
8pm to 8am – Night Manager

Registered Nurse Team Leaders have 5 dedicated management hours each week where they are additional to the Registered Nurse in charge of the duty period.

Care Teams
8am to 2pm – 4 Registered Nurses &  21 Care Assistants
7am to 2pm  – 3 Dining Room Assistants
2pm to 8pm – 4 Registered Nurses & 21 Care Assistants
8pm to 8am – 3 Registered Nurses & 12 Care Assistants

As stated these are minimum levels however, the number and skills required to meet the needs of our residents is reviewed daily to ensure that they are suitable and sufficient.

annetteAnnette Beechey is our resident full time activities co- ordinator. Annette has many years of experience entertaining and organising meaningful activities for the elderly to enjoy. She is qualified in all aspects of activity for the body and the mind. Annette is a qualified dancer and keep fit instructor.

She is a member of her local drama club and draws on these experiences to organise pantomimes and social events for all of our clients and their families to enjoy

Other than at night, we have receptionists on duty to welcome visitors to the Home and to respond to telephone calls. We have two receptionists Amanda Down who is full time and Jacqui Clarke who is part- time.


WHse_035We are keen to prepare food of a high nutritional standard, virtually all-homemade with fresh vegetables and good quality ingredients from locally sourced suppliers. If you have any food preferences our Chefs Craig Down or Phillip Davies will make every effort to prepare them for you, as well as any special diets.

Working alongside the Chefs are kitchen assistants who you may see delivering food to the Units. The chefs operate a three weekly rotating menu which is displayed on notice boards throughout the home for residents and their families to see. The chefs are always keen for any suggestions for the menus.

If for any reason you do not see something on the daily menu that suits your preference please do not hesitate to let the care staff know and they will inform the chefs of your preferred choice.

At Willowbrook the chefs and their assistants are well versed in the different types of diets and consistencies of foods that some residents will require for example, Diabetic diet or for a dysphasic resident a pureed diet.

Our housekeeping team are on duty throughout the day to ensure high standards of cleanliness throughout the Home. Some of the team are seen here including Avril Fish, Gail Newis and Denise Sullivan.


We employ a full time maintenance manager, John Hembury who is supported by contracted electricians, heating engineers, builders and decorators


our-features-03Simply stated, our philosophy is that residents are individuals, with Personal choices and preferences, and they have the right to expect those wishes complied with, as far as we possibly can. We are committed to providing person centered care for each resident. Providing care for each resident that is respectful of and responsive to individual preferences, needs, and values and ensuring that the individuals’ values guide all decisions.

The guiding principles of our intention to develop and improve the services we deliver are based on Welsh Assembly Government Guidance for Health and Social Care Staff ‘Improving the quality of fundamental aspects of health and social care for adults’.

These are our Fundamentals of Care

  • Communication and information
    Residents will receive full information about their care in a language and manner sensitive to their needs.
  • Respecting people
    Residents’ human rights to dignity, privacy and informed
    choice will be protected at all times and the care provided will
    take account of individual needs, abilities and wishes
  • Ensuring safety
    Residents health, safety and welfare will be actively promoted and protected. Risks will be identified, monitored and where possible, reduced or prevented.
  • Promoting independence
    The care provided will respect each resident’s choices in making the most of their ability and desire to care for themselves.
  • Relationships
    Residents will be encouraged to maintain their involvement with family and friends and to develop relationships with others according to their wishes.
  • Rest and sleep
    Consideration will be given to the environment and comfort so that residents may rest and sleep.
  • Ensuring comfort, alleviating pain
    Residents will be helped to be as comfortable and pain-free as their condition and circumstances allow.
  • Personal hygiene, appearance and foot care
    Residents will be supported to be as independent as possible in taking care of their personal hygiene, appearance and feet.
  • Eating and drinking
    Residents will be offered a choice of food and drink that meets their nutritional and personal requirements and provided with any assistance that they need to eat and drink.
  • Oral health and hygiene
    Residents will be supported to maintain a healthy, comfortable mouth and pain-free teeth and gums, enabling them to eat well and prevent related problems.
  • Toilet needs
    Appropriate, discreet and prompt assistance will be provided
    as necessary, taking into account each residents specific
    needs and privacy.
  • Preventing pressure sores
    Residents will be helped to look after their skin and every
    effort will be made to prevent developing pressure sores.

To this end, residents’ care needs are assessed – and a personal Care Plan is drawn up. Wherever possible we involve the resident and/or their close relatives in this process so that their wishes and personal choice are acknowledged and catered for.

As stated, we are very aware of residents’ rights. The right to make choices about their lives such as the right to decide for themselves what time they get up in the morning

At all times our staff act in an appropriate manner, they always treat the residents with respect and courtesy. Willowbrook House is the home of each individual resident and they will not be subjected to inappropriate behaviour from staff. All regulated professionals working within the Home are bound by their own professional codes of conduct and Willowbrook House own policy.

Each resident is admitted to a single room which permits conversations, treatments and care to take place in private. Other rooms are also available for meetings with the management and/or care team, if required.

For individual appointments outside of the Home such as pre arranged dental or hospital outpatient, we ask family to arrange to escort the resident or we can provide a member of the care staff to accompany the resident but the cost will be invoiced to the individual.

In the case of a resident requiring urgent admission to hospital, the Home will arrange for a member of the care staff to escort the resident to hospital, once in the care of the hospital team, the member of staff will return to the Home.

The Directors are committed to providing high quality care to all residents, their commitment is not only to meet the needs of residents but to strive constantly to exceed their expectations of the Home.Our quality assurance systems encompass three perspectives on quality:

  • Clinical and care standards
  • Performance management
  • Resident satisfaction

The Directors ensure, through their governance arrangements that the quality and safety of residents is at the forefront of their agenda and that plans are in place to continuously improve and develop the service.

The Manager provides assurance that care arrangements are robust and that the strategy for improving and maintaining the quality of care is being properly implemented.

Team Leaders carry out daily reviews of all residents in their designated unit as well as being available to talk to relatives and staff throughout the day.

The Directors arrange for the Clinical Manager to review and investigate when areas of concern are identified or as a themed approach to develop services.

The Care and Social Services Inspectorate (CSSW) is responsible on behalf of the Welsh Government for the registration and inspection of Willowbrook House Nursing Home. Reports and action plans are posted on the CSSIW website.

We are keen to know that our residents and their families are happy with the care received. Therefore, we regularly consult with residents, their families and other agencies visiting the Home.

It is the intention of the Directors and Management of Willowbrook House to work in partnership to empower and protect the rights and liberties of the residents and all staff at Willowbrook House.

People living, working at, or visiting Willowbrook House will be treated with respect for their individuality and human rights. Each will be able to participate in the life of Willowbrook House without fear of any kind of abusive behaviour being directed towards them.

Everyone working and living at Willowbrook will be expected to conduct their self in such a way that they may cause no offence to any other. Any abuse of power or privilege, whether perpetrated by staff, visitors or residents will be dealt with promptly.

The dignity and well being of our residents is paramount at all times. We take a person centered approach which maximizes freedom, minimizes control and supports and encourages contacts with family and friends.

Residents will not be constrained or restrained unless it is absolutely necessary, and in the best interests of the individual concerned.

The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards focus on some of the most vulnerable people in our society; those who for their own safety and in their best interests need to be accommodated under care and treatment regimes that may have the effect of depriving them of their liberty, but who lack the capacity to consent.

If at any time we believe we are unable to meet the needs of an individual resident whether it is because of unacceptable behaviour displayed by the resident or the physical and/or mental condition of the resident has changed, Amos Healthcare reserves the right to terminate the contract of care within 28 days.

The Manager and the Directors of Willowbrook House regard all complaints seriously however trivial. All complaints from residents, their relatives and visitors must be made to the Manager, Mrs Alexandra Dobbs or the individual acting in her absence.

Complaints will be dealt with and resolved where possible by the manager or an individual designated in her absence. Investigations will be thorough, impartial and where appropriate, take into account all the people involved.

A record is kept of all complaints made and includes details of investigation and any action taken. All complaints are dealt with promptly and effectively within a maximum of 28 days.

If after an investigation, the complainant is still not satisfied, or believes the complaint is of a serious nature and would wish to speak to the Registering Body, then contact should be made to the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSW).

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